Paperless, online and over the phone, ditch all the admin and pet-hates with Quick Little Loans. No more snaking queues, tedious travel, stuffy waiting rooms, soul-sucking form-filling, nosy interrogations, gawking strangers… You name it, QLL has cut it out of the application process.

When it comes to flexibility, QLL are the gymnasts, the acrobats… the transformers– if you will – of the lending world. We will bend, mould, shrink or stretch the terms to suit your situation just right. How much? You got it. For how long? Sure thing!

Once you hit us with your figures of choice, we do the maths and get back to you with some super sweet interest rates and monthly instalments that’ll be a piece of cake for you to cover.

The results are in – your loan has been APPROVED! The dough is being transferred to your bank account, as we speak. What’s more, automated payments on the dates of your preference make repayment crazy effortless.

Quick Little Loans are what you call short-term, unsecured loans because they’re repaid over a maximum term of one month and you don’t have to sign over your stuff to get them. We make sure our clients avoid the debt trap at all costs. Responsible lending is a big deal for us.


Looking For a Quick Loan?

It would be awesome if no-one could run out of money – EVER! Obviously, that’s a tad bit unrealistic. Life is like a box of chocolates and other times it’s a lot like a rollercoaster… or life is what happens to you, when you’re busy making other plans.

Whatever life is – it’s unpredictable! You do the best we can but, when you just can’t, Quick Little Loans are there to nip those nasty little surprises in the bud! And little surprises have a bad habit of turning into big, hairy problems – if not handled on the spot.

Whether it be a fender-bender, broken pinkie or forgotten birthday, nip it in the bud with Quick Little Loans – quick loans in one click!