Step 1

To ease you into things, play around with our fun slider thingamabob and decide how much you would like to borrow and how long you would like to pay it off over. The gismo will then calculate the interest rates and costs involved.

Once you’ve settled on the ‘how much’ and ‘how long’, it’s time to jump right in and click Get Money to apply for that Quick Little Loan!

Step 2

Then we just need a few basic details about your charming, irresistible self, which, naturally, will remain strictly confidential. Ring, ring. Right, let’s get this party started!

Step 3

Your personal QLL consultant will call you back and guide you step-by-step through the rest of our silky smooth application process. By the way, the whole deal can be sealed over the phone and email. No need to scooch even an inch away from your comfy spot.

Step 4

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle… LOAN APPROVED! Watch that bank account balance go from zero to hero, as we transfer the loan in the blink of an eye.

Newbie applicants can request an amount of up to R 3000. Next time around, after repaying your Quick Little Loan responsibly, you can request a higher amount. After that, a bit higher. And so it goes up to R8 000!

Step 5

Quick Little Loans offers quick cash advances for 5 to 35 days. This way, we keep things low-risk for both lender and borrower, easy, breezy – with no debt trap in sight. Repayments are automatic and you get to pick when they happen.

All we ask is that you keep things classy and repay your loans on time – do a little budgeting and financial planning beforehand, and everything will go according to plan.